When The Moon Was Ours

When The Moon Was Ours by authors Haylie Belle, Olivia Hannigan, and Aleishka Ruiz is a heartfelt collection of stories and poems exuding melancholy, nostalgia, and yearning. Surreal, strange, and familiar, each piece in this collection captures what it feels like to be on the precipice of discovery. Belle, Hannigan, and Ruiz question what it means to be alive, to grow, and to discover who you’re truly meant to be.

Cover Art by Olivia Hannigan

About the Authors

HAYLIE BELLE is a poetry and fiction student whose work reflects the inner workings of credulous and passionate young minds. Filled with elegant wordage and reflections on the human heart, her writing is influenced by both deep emotion and cursory feeling alike. As well as crafting with words, she is an artist in every element, expanding her ranges of creativity beyond the page. Her work has previously been published in two editions of Penned literary magazine, for which she also worked as Head Editor.

Featured Work:
On Childhood
Things I’d tell my therapist if I could still afford her time
Just Visiting
Save the Date

OLIVIA HANNIGAN was born and raised in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and is currently a freshman at Arcadia University. While attending North Penn High School, she was a writer for the Knight Crier, the school newspaper, in her first year and a historian/social media manager for the school’s Japanese Language Club in her senior year. Throughout her life she has published works on various websites and forums, and continues to today.

Featured Work:

ALEISHKA RUIZ was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently attending Arcadia University for a BA in Global Media. She has written multiple stories for short films, most of which are available on YouTube under the Big Picture Alliance account as she took part in their Delphi Summer Teen Media program for 3 of her 4 high school years.

Featured Work:
To Be Perceived

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Behind the Scenes:

When The Moon Was Ours originally began as an optional class project offered by For Page & Screen’s EIC, Sarah Edmonds, to all their first-year writing students. The idea was to make reality any form of creative project the students wanted to pursue (from an essay collection to a one-act play, nothing was off the table) and thus give them experience in the “nitty-gritty” of what that production entailed. These three students, Haylie Belle, Olivia Hannigan, and Aleishka Ruiz, chose to join together to create a heartfelt collection of poetry and short stories—published digitally here and in hardcopy for the authors—and thus, When The Moon Was Ours was born.