Issue 1, 2022

An art piece, colored pencil on paper, by Rachel Wojnar inspired by the joy of self-acceptance and an understanding of queer love.
Cover Art by Rachel Wojnar

New Beginnings

Beginnings can be difficult. They can be daunting, glorious, or even impossible. When we came up with the idea to start For Page & Screen Magazine we felt that this endeavor was all of those things bundled up into one. Yet here we are with our first issue and we have the honor of sharing with you some absolutely amazing stories.

From heartfelt reunions to impossible situations, from enchanted bathrooms to sentient cabbages, and everything in between, these stories prove that the power of fiction is limitless.

With Love,
For Page & Screen Editorial Team

“When the Zoltar Machine from Big Rolls into Town with Your County Fair” — Anissa Johnson

The Brothers Brimm: “The Not So Great Escape” — Christian PATCHell and Matt Killian [Keep scrolling for some amazing pre-production artwork and click here to watch the film!]

“A Second Chance at Humble Oaks” — Nola Kane

“The Enchanted Stall” — T. M. Bemis

“A New Beginning at the End of the Songs” — Amy Piro Chambers

“Prudence” — Chloe de Lullington

“Luna Britannia” — Meg Murray

“Better Than Before” — Tori Bissonette

“Hook” — Claudine Thomas

“Futile Wrath and Frantic Foam” — K. C. Carmine [Please note that this story contains graphic sexual content]

“Dorothy” — Saige Harlowe

“Metamorphosis” — Sarah Robin

“The Gravity of Dreams” — Anna Tizard

“Do Over Again” — Kathryn Daniels

Pre-production artwork from The Brothers Brimm: “The Not So Great Escape” by Christian PATCHell and Matt Killian; Artwork by Christian PATCHell

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