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A white cover with a grey and pink rectangle bordering the right hand side. Text in the center reads "For Page & Screen Magazine Issue no. 2 August 2022. Art beneath the text shows a disintegrating piece of paper in a pot of water and plant fibers. The picture is captioned "Casting spells, making paper" by Rachel Wojnar. On the right, text on top of the rectangle lists the names of story contributors and editors.

Issue 2, August 2022

The relationship between life, society, and the art of storytelling is one so intimately intertwined that it would be nearly impossible to discuss one without considering the others. While this issue of For Page & Screen Magazine is presented without a pre-determined theme, we feel that these stories collectively embody the interconnectedness of life and storytelling.

Whether it’s by exploring the awkwardness of new relationships or mourning those that are no more, criticizing society or realizing our complacency in it, or understanding trauma and embarking on a journey to heal from it, these stories capture the messy, terrible, and beautiful nature of life. We hope they’ll find their way into your heart, too.

With Love,
For Page & Screen Editorial Team

Issue 1: New Beginnings

Beginnings can be difficult. They can be daunting, glorious, or even impossible. When we came up with the idea to start For Page & Screen Magazine we felt that this endeavor was all of those things bundled up into one. Yet here we are with our first issue and we have the honor of sharing with you some absolutely amazing stories.

From heartfelt reunions to impossible situations, from enchanted bathrooms to sentient cabbages, and everything in between, these stories prove that the power of fiction is limitless. 

With Love,
For Page & Screen Editorial Team

Cover showing the title: For Page & Screen Magazine Issue 1: New Beginnings. Beneath the title is a colored pencil drawing by Rachel Wojnar, inspired by hyperbolic forms using soft pink pastels to express the joy of queer love. To the right is a dark grey rectangle framing text that lists the issues contributors and editors.

We are currently CLOSED for submissions! If you’re interested in submitting work for our fifth issue, please head over to our Submissions page for more information.