Issue 3, 2023


Dead Man’s Fingers: Interspecies Rebirth”
by Rachel Wojnar

Sometimes the routines and mundanity of our day-to-day lives can trick us into believing that the present state of being is as it will always be. In reality, we and the world around us are in a perpetual state of change. Our lives may change from the expected to the absurd, from feeling content to being ripped from your comfort zone, or even moving from a place of hopelessness to finding that one small thing that makes tomorrow worth living. While the reality of our lives is fluid, we often measure our time in moments and define our growth by the moments of greatest change.

The amazingly talented storytellers included in this third issue of For Page & Screen Magazine understand that, when every moment holds so much potential, there is only one question left to answer. What happens after?

With Love,
For Page & Screen Editorial Team

“Restoring Romeo” — Rex McGregor

“Blackout” — Zach Murphy

“Eclipse” — Makena Metz

“Crew” — Jenn Haase Vetter

“Through the Looking Glass” — Sonia Nicholson

“Twenty Twenty: Reflecting on a Year of Disorder”Ronald Tobey, Featuring Doug McClung

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Production Announcements:

In honor of our newest endeavor, For Page & Screen Productions, we’re excited to include a new section in our online zine dedicated to highlighting the collaborative projects between our editorial team and the wonderful creators who share their work with us. While we might not have new announcements in every issue of For Page & Screen Magazine, we hope you’ll enjoy the work we share and will help us celebrate the creators who make it possible!

“Pete & Petria’s Petrifying Podcase: A Radio Play” by David Lipshutz & Dana Hall

Join paranormal podcasters Pete Goldberg (voiced by Evan Rodenhausen), Petria Hobbs (voiced by Tori Bissonette), and their trusted producer Mike Apodaca (voiced by Christian Patchell) as they become the first-ever paranormal invesitgators to gain access to the infamously haunted Wexler House—aka the tingler house! Full of unwanted intruders, potentially haunted dolls, and a Scooby-Doo-style caretaker, this hilariously unexpected horror-comedy will have you unsure of whether to burst out laughing or run for the hills.

When the Moon was Ours by Haylie Belle, Olivia Hannigan, & Aleishka Ruiz

When The Moon Was Ours by authors Haylie Belle, Olivia Hannigan, and Aleishka Ruiz is a heartfelt collection of stories and poems exuding melancholy, nostalgia, and yearning. Surreal, strange, and familiar, each piece in this collection captures what it feels like to be on the precipice of discovery. Belle, Hannigan, and Ruiz question what it means to be alive, to grow, and to discover who you’re truly meant to be.

Read the full collection here!

Book cover designed by Olivia Hannigan. A woman with long black hair, dressed in a white and gold dress, kneels while holding a woven basket. She is crying and reaching up longingly towards a glowing full moon.