Issue 2, 2022

A disintegrating piece of paper sits in top of plant fibers soaking in water. On the paper barely visible words read "decompose, recompose, help me to change with grace."
Cover Art by Rachel Wojnar

The relationship between life, society, and the art of storytelling is one so intimately intertwined that it would be nearly impossible to discuss one without considering the others. While this issue of For Page & Screen Magazine is presented without a pre-determined theme, we feel that these stories collectively embody the interconnectedness of life and storytelling.

Whether it’s by exploring the awkwardness of new relationships or mourning those that are no more, criticizing society or realizing our complacency in it, or understanding trauma and embarking on a journey to heal from it, these stories capture the messy, terrible, and beautiful nature of life. We hope they’ll find their way into your heart, too.

With Love,
For Page & Screen Editorial Team

“St. John of Suburbia (or, Lycanthrope Limbo)” — John P. Bray

“The Count” — Martha Patterson

“Willowside” — Robert Alexander Wray

“Silver Waters” — Venessa Young

“August Fifth” — Laura Frost

“After Jack Died” — Michael Chin

“Lovers and Survivors” — Aaron Leventman [Read the script or watch a filmed version below!]

“Fermata” — Mark S. Rosati [This piece was first published on]

“Spell” — Barbara Blatner [This piece was first published in Borderless Thalia: A Multilingual Comedic Collection]

“Air Fair” — Richard Leise [This piece was first published in Midway Journal]

“A Sad Case” — Edward Belfar

“Podcast” — Martyn Sullivan

“The Knight: The Story of Krystov Sov, The Robber Knight” — Paweł Grajnert

“Fishing Lines” — Cecilia Kennedy

“The Tea Shop” — Makena Metz

“A Wake” — Brian Petti, Starring Gina Scherzo and Diane Clayton

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