For Page & Screen Magazine

A white cover with a grey and pink rectangle bordering the right hand side. Text in the center reads "For Page & Screen Magazine Issue no. 2 August 2022. Art beneath the text shows a disintegrating piece of paper in a pot of water and plant fibers. The picture is captioned "Casting spells, making paper" by Rachel Wojnar. On the right, text on top of the rectangle lists the names of story contributors and editors.

Now Available!
Issue 2, 2022

For Page & Screen Magazine is a bi-annual online publication that features short stories, scripts, and films from storytellers around the world. We are looking for your most ambitious work. Surprise us, shock us, move us, and, above all, tell us a good story.

Submissions are currently CLOSED! If you are interested in submitting to For Page & Screen Magazine once we re-open, please head over to our Submissions page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!