Old World Heroism in J.T.T. Ryder’s “Hag of the Hills”

J.T.T. Ryder’s first installment of The Bronze Sword Cycles: Hag of the Hills is what he terms as a work of “heroic prehistoric fantasy fiction” and I believe there is no better descriptor for it. The story follows Brennus son of Biturix through his fight to reclaim his ancestral homeland in the Isle of Skye…

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“Alejandro’s Lie”: A Tale of Romance and Revolution

Bob Van Laerhoven’s thrilling novel, Alejandro’s Lie, is an intriguing read that takes place in the fictional South American country of Terreno during the 1980s—or, at least a version of the 1980s just slightly removed from the history many of us know. Laerhoven’s fictional setting and somewhat alternative history creates a surreal atmosphere for his…

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“The Last Conception”: Humor, Heritage, and Heart

The Last Conception (2020), directed by Gabriela Ledesma and based off of the novel of the same title by Gabriel Constans, follows the journey of Savarna, a lesbian Indian-American woman, as she tries to navigate her romantic relationship with graduate student Charley while her family pressures her for the sake of continuing the family bloodline.…

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